I hope you like it, not really. :(

This week I decided to go to my other goodwill outlet, and dummy me, I went to dig through a clothes bin and minutes later I notice the sweater jacket I had brought with me, that was slung over my purse was gone, vanished. I spend about 15 minutes searching and searching, and I even talked to manager who was no help at all, so whom ever took my grey collared, one large button knit sweater jacket, I hope you enjoy it, thanks for not asking me if I might have dropped it or not touching it in case I went back to get it. The donation gods have spoken, and I have made my sacrifice. Next time I’ll remember to tie my jacket around my waist like I normally do. Lesson has been learned.

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I decided to start early on finding my work party Halloween costume, last year I waited till the last minute, and ended up wearing a child size pirate costume that fit me some how. So I went to my value village again to find one for this year, the worker was more upbeat and helpful, which I found oddly uncomfortable for a thrift store, ha. I found a costume and the worker helped me find the necessary accessories. Then I thought I told her at some point that I was good and found everything I needed, but while I was trying to get away from the Halloween section, suddenly out of no where is a man with random accessories pieces being crammed in my face. I just stared at him like a deer in headlights. The female worker from before quickly runs up, and she explains that he’s the manager, and he attempts to explain the accessories and how they might go with my costume, while explaining that the girl was going on brake, and I guessed assumed I still required help. I looked baffled, took one of the accessories, and quickly left the section. I give the workers an “A” for effort and a “D” for execution. Not that it’s bad for thrift store to have good customer help, but you might give some of us a heart attack due to our low expectations of thrift store customer service LOL

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